August 02, 2015 Message to Mirjana -Medugorge Message - for the world 2/8/2015

"Dear children, I, as a mother who loves her children, see how difficult the time in which you live is. I see your suffering, but you need to know that you are not alone. My Son is with you. He is everywhere. He is invisible, but you can see Him if you live Him. He is the light which illuminates your soul and gives you peace. He is the Church which you need to love and to always pray and fight for - but not only with words, instead with acts of love. My children, bring it about for everyone to come to know my Son, bring it about that He may be loved, because the truth is in my Son born of God - the Son of God. Do not waste time deliberating too much; you will distance yourselves from the truth. With a simple heart accept His word and live it. If you live His word, you will pray. If you live His word, you will love with a merciful love; you will love each other. The more that you will love, the farther away you will be from death. For those who will live the word of my Son and who will love, death will be life. Thank you. Pray to be able to see my Son in your shepherds. Pray to be able to embrace Him in them."

New Hilltop Owner.

Congratulations to the McInerney family of Newbridge, Kilmurry McMahon (Coolmeen) on becoming the new proprietors of the Hilltop Bar/House. The McInerney’s are well-known in the area and have been involved in many parish organisations. The Hilltop is located at the Crossroads adjacent to the primary school. The licenced premises was built just a few decades ago on the site of the old nineteenth century Behan licenced premises. It’s in a picturesque area overlooking the renowned hills and St. Benedict’s R.C. The Peadar Clancy Weekend was a great success and I attach a few photographs from the Hilltop on Sunday evening.

At the Hilltop on Sunday eve.......

Open air dancing at the Cross roads.

Niall meets up with some friends over the weekend.

Michael King - Haulage Contractor

Derrynalicka, Kilmurry McMahon, Co. Clare

Supplier of Gravel, Sand, Stone etc!

Contact Number - 086 2673694 





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